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Meeting Report Friday 7th July 2023

8 July 2023|

To start the meeting our Vice President Peter Black updated us on the upcoming Society programme. Peter also pointed out that our membership now stands at a very healthy 182. We were joined this evening by Dr Pamela Klaassen, a [...]

2 June 2023 Meeting Report

3 June 2023|

Prof. Andy Lawrence gave us a really interesting talk on 200 years of the history of astronomical imaging at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh. Jim Nisbet also covered the Sky in June and this was followed by an SGM and our AGM.

Meeting Report 19 May 2023

20 May 2023|

Indigenous Australian Astronomy - Dr Pete Kuzma. This evening we had a fascinating and thought provoking talk from Dr Pete Kuzma of Edinburgh University. We were first introduced to the complexity and likely means of arrival, 45 - 65,000 years ago, in what would become modern Australia of the many nations of indigenous people from the Torres Strait to Tasmania.

Noctilucent Clouds

13 May 2023|

Ramsay McIver tells us about these beautiful, ethereal "night-shining clouds" as we approach NLC season towards the end of May.

Northern Lights Trip

15 April 2023|

ASE member, Eros Tang, tells us about his trip to Norway and the amazing aurora images he captured.

7 April 2023 Members Night report

8 April 2023|

We had a really enjoyable members night on Friday with a number of short presentations from members. The personal stories and journeys were really fascinating and well-told.

Icelandic Northern Lights

25 March 2023|

Ian Smith reports on his recent trip to Iceland and his successful observations of the aurorae

17 March 2023 Meeting Report

19 March 2023|

We had a very interesting talk from Dr Roberta Zanin from Bologna in Italy about The Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory: a new eye on the most extreme Universe. Jim Nisbet reviews the talk for us.

Flashes of Creation by Paul Halpern book review

5 March 2023|

Pate Devine reviews the book "Flashes of Creation" by Paul Halpern, a readable and fascinating account of the lives of theoretical physicist, George Gamov, and physicist, Fred Hoyle, and their competing theories on the formation of the universe.

3 March 2023 Meeting Report

5 March 2023|

We had an excellent talk from Dr Thomas Wilson of the University of St Andrews.  He covered the life-cycle of a planetary system: how they are born, live and die and how advances in both ground- and space-based telescopes have [...]

Telescope Help Shop 2023

26 February 2023|

The ASE held its fifth Telescope Help Shop on Saturday the 25th Feb at St Thomas Church hall in Corstorphine. 21 people attended aided by 9 ASE members. A diverse range of instruments was brought along supplemented by some members’ scopes. All attendees expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to talk about their specific issues as well as the general points covered.

The Gegenschein

23 February 2023|

A report by Douglas Heggie about a by-product of an observation he was making of a comet using a telescope at the Utah Desert Remote Observatory in the USA.

17 February 2023 Meeting Report

18 February 2023|

Tosh White tells us about the talk from Prof. Emily Levesque, zooming in from Seattle, and running through some ideas and themes from her book “The Last Stargazers”. “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

IOG Meeting Report 8 February 2023

10 February 2023|

Radim Stano reports on one of our special Imaging & Observing Group meetings with guests. We had 2 special guests, both from the British Astronomical Association Radio Astronomy Section and both trustees of the UK Radio Astronomy Association, Paul Hearn and Andrew Thomas.

3 February 2023 Meeting Report

4 February 2023|

Unfortunately Dr James Wurster couldn't be with us in person  but still delivered a very interesting talk about Using computer simulations to model the formation of stars and their discs. Jim Nisbet also told us about the Sky in February.

2022 When ASE caught the Meteor Bug

28 January 2023|

Pat Devine tells us about the ASE's new interest in meteor cameras. Over the past year the ASE have setup cameras operated by four members in the UK, a camera in Slovakia and soon to be one in Germany, with others in the pipeline.

20 January 2023 Meeting Report

21 January 2023|

Clara Brasseur gave us an excellent talk on Friday about turning astronomical data into sounds. Quite different from anything else we've had but very creative and engaging.

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