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December 2018 meeting report

10 December 2018|

Dr Aleks Scholz from the University of St Andrews gave a fascinating talk on the HOYS-CAPS citizen science project, explaining how amateurs can get involved.

Telescope buying guide

29 November 2018|

Which one to buy for your first one or as a present for Christmas? You'll get as many answers as there are telescopes but here are some ideas.

November 2018 meeting report

4 November 2018|

Dr Alan Penny of the University of St Andrews gave a talk on METI: Messaging to Extraterretrial Intelligence at our November 2018 meeting.

The Lunar 100

17 October 2018|

The Moon is around for a good portion of every month so why not make the most of it. The Lunar 100 is to the Moon what the Messier catalogue is to deep sky objects.

October 2018 meeting report

6 October 2018|

An interesting talk on meteor observing and recording by Alex Pratt of the BAA kicked off our October meeting last night in Edinburgh.