Steve Tonkin gave us a very entertaining – if doom-laden talk – about how the Universe is trying to get us: “Ten ways the Universe tries to kill you”.

There are many ways we as humans are trying to wipe ourselves out with our own self-destructive tendencies, but clearly the Universe has got it in for us too! Of course asteroid impacts are a well-known threat and have already happened on a number of occasions in the recent and far-distant past but there are many more threats too. Ever thought a Magnetar, Gamma Ray Burst or Rogue Planet might get you? Think again!

But don’t worry, nothing is going to get you tomorrow – probably. Steve also comfortingly told us what we can do about these threats: nothing! In fact in most cases we won’t actually see them coming until they happen and then it’s far too late. As Douglas Adams said: “lie down and put a paper bag over our heads”.

In summary: the Universe is not trying hard enough – yet, but it will get us eventually. Just you wait and see.

How comforting 🙂

Mark Phillips