Some of the things that non-members never get to see include weekly newsletters and our Members-only website. Here are some of the things that members can see and contribute to:


At the moment these come out every week and are a mix of news items, what’s happening in the Society, project reports and articles on a wide variety of topics.

Members website

This contains a wide variety of information including our project pages, newsletter store, archive of minutes – all the way back to 1924, data from Calton Hill, our History, instruments available for loan, historic journals, …

Imaging & Observing Group (IOG)

This is at the core of our Society and is where we all share our results, ideas, equipment tips, techniques, and learn together. As well as our monthly online IOG meetings, we have several very active WhatsApp groups where members chat and share about all aspects of astronomy, often live while they’re observing, making it feel like shared observing sessions.

ASE Projects

As well as imaging the most beautiful and challenging objects in the night sky, we also have a number of projects running, including:

ASE Comet Project

We have been following a number of comets over the past year with 12P/Pons-Brooks being the star of the show. All the observations, images and reports are shared here.

ASE Asteroid Project

Still early days for this but we are taking part in the IASC/International Astronomical Search Collaboration asteroid search project and have already identified a number of possible new objects.

ASE Eclipsing Binary Project

Again early days but we have been capturing light curves of these fascinating objects.

We have more projects planned and members can always ask for more.


Our remote observatory in Spain. This is our big 100th birthday present to ourselves, with the help of some kind donors (ASE Trust, family of the late John Murrell, Bill Bonar/Dalrada).  It consists of 2 telescopes side-by-side (94mm f4.4 apochromat and 300mm f4.6 ONTC Newtonian) on a JTW Trident P75 mount at Trevinca Skies in Spain. We have been using it since June 2023 but still have some minor tweaks to complete the setup. It has already produced some amazing data and images and there is much much more to come.

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Mark Phillips