Parker Solar Probe meeting report

22 July 2020|

What an enthusiastic, exciting and engaging talk we had from mission Senior Scientific Officer Dr. Nour Raouafi live from John Hopkins University, Maryland.

Is Earth Special?

18 July 2020|

Very thought-provoking talk from Prof Dave Waltham last night. Did we get a Yes or No answer? See what you think.

Things that go BANG in the night meeting report

11 July 2020|

What a fabulous talk we had from our Honorary President Professor Andy Lawrence. Always a delight to have a talk from Andy and as always he gave us something to make us think.

BioRock: wee miners in space

4 July 2020|

We had a very comprehensive, enthusiastic and fascinating talk from Dr Rosa Santomartino on the BioRock project.

Lundmark Panorama and Sky in July

2 July 2020|

Clive Davenhall told us the interesting story of the Lundmark Panorama and Horst covered the Sky in July at our online meeting on Wednesday 1 July. You can catch up with the video from the meeting on our YouTube channel.

James Bradley and others FACT CHECKED!

27 June 2020|

ASE member Dr Bruce Vickery followed on from his previous talk by looking into some historical fake news about dates and the calendar in general and give us a very informative and entertaining talk as always. Watch the video above [...]

Three Scope and Shed talks

27 June 2020|

ASE members Tosh White, Mike McGovern and Peter Black gave us some very interesting and informative Scope and Shed talks on Wednesday evening. The aim of these SCope Talks is to give you an insight into what each bit of [...]

Astro-navigation talk video

20 June 2020|

ASE member Jim Anderson gave us a fascinating and very clear talk on the complex subject of astro-navigation at sea.

Exploring Alien Atmospheres

17 June 2020|

What a fantastic, engaging talk we had by Dr Hannah Wakeford of the University of Bristol. Lots of viewers both on Zoom and YouTube with many good questions afterwards.

ASE-24 guided tour in Stellarium

13 June 2020|

Neil Martin gave us a talk about scripts he had developed for the ASE-24 objects. Download them and find out how to use them.

Intro to Astro-imaging Part 4 online

3 June 2020|

The fourth part of our Intro to Astro-imaging course covered long exposure deep sky imaging this evening at our online Zoom meeting.

ASE YouTube channel

22 May 2020|

We now have a very active YouTube channel where you can watch all our past public talks since lockdown started.

Hunting Outbursting Young Stars talk 15 May 2020

15 May 2020|

Dr Dirk Froebrich of the University of Kent gave us a very absorbing talk on the HOYS project. It's a great project for using your imaging skills in real astronomical research.

1 May 2020 meeting report

2 May 2020|

We had fascinating and challenging talk from Prof. Franz Muheim on Neutrinos in particle physics and astronomy at our meeting last night.

Intro to Astro-Imaging part 3

29 April 2020|

The third part of our Intro to astro-imaging course covered hi-res lunar, solar and planetary imaging capture and processing techniques. Watch the video of the session.

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