Informative articles about astronomy


Noctilucent Clouds

Ramsay McIver tells us about these beautiful, ethereal "night-shining clouds" as we approach NLC season towards the end of May.

Observe the ever-changing Moon

Surely the Moon is boring because nothing ever changes on it? Not at all - it changes its appearance daily. The angle of Sun hitting the surface varies and casts strange and beautiful shadows across its landscape.

Explore Auriga the Charioteer

As winter approaches we look forward to seeing the likes of Orion, Gemini and Taurus, but in late autumn Auriga is worth a look and it's already getting high in the eastern sky.

Choosing a telescope

Mark Phillips gave us a talk on what to consider when choosing a telescope as well as examples of different types and options.

Get ready for Mars 2020

For most of the rest of 2020 Mars is going to be a prominent evening object and the best placed object to observe, so don't miss out on seeing it at this favourable apparition.

Observing and imaging meteors

You don’t need anything other than a little patience to observe meteors. Just lie back in a reclining chair if you can, saves a lot of neck pain, and look up.

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