Anyone interested in astronomy is eligible for membership. There are no entry requirements and we try to have some of our meetings suitable for beginners to astronomy. Our meetings are normally open to non-members so please feel free to come to a meeting or two before deciding if you want to join us as a member. While we are predominantly a local Edinburgh society, we do have members from all over the UK and the world. Please be aware that if you are not local we cannot offer you all the benefits of membership such as telescope loans or remote telescope use.

Memberships run from October to October. If you join between 1 Apr and 30 Sep then your membership will run until 1 October of the following year. Memberships taken out between 1 Oct and 31 Mar run until the next 30 Sep.

Gift Memberships

Gift memberships* are now available. Please apply using the button below if you want to get one for someone. When you send the subscription fee we will send you a certificate to print out. The applicant can then fill out the membership form and supply the certificate as proof of payment.

We are a society that exists for its members so can’t really guarantee anything in the same way a gift company would. Basically you would just be a member the same as any other member, take part in whatever happens to be going on and can contribute to the Society including being more involved live on Zoom and receive the members only regular newsletter emails. That being said, the benefits of membership are shown below.

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Benefits of membership

Read this article or this more recent one on what membership means.

  • attend all meetings of the Society as well as the ordinary meetings
  • take part in meetings on Zoom
  • receive any regular (currently usually weekly) member-only email newsletters
  • be part of the Imaging & Observing Group and attend their meetings
  • join a variety of ASE WhatsApp groups
  • vote at the AGM and any Special Meetings that may be called
  • take part in events organised by the Society
  • make short members presentations at arranged meetings if they wish to
  • be involved in any group observing sessions that may be organised
  • get help and support from experienced amateur astronomers
  • access the Members only area of the website
  • borrow and use Society equipment – which is often available (you will need to be a Local Member for this and includes any remote kit we may setup including ASERO)
  • access the Society library of books (again for Local Members)
  • apply to become a Council member after 1 year of membership

I joined the ASE just over a year ago after taking up astrophotography as a hobby in lockdown. I have been impressed by the range of online (and now in person ) events and speakers hosted by the ASE. In addition the active WhatsApp groups and newsletter are great source of advice, encouragement and inspiration. And all for just £30 per year is a bargain!

Pat Devine

After attending multiple talks organized by the ASE I decided to join the society in April and I have found an amazing group of enthusiastic and kind people in this society. Now I can share, learn, contribute and even come with my own projects to the society, where international members like me feel welcome. By joining the Imaging and observing WhatsApp group and the continuing online and hybrid events, remote members can stay connected and included.

Radim Stano

I have been a member of the ASE for two months. On joining I received a warm reception from president Mark, his team and members of the Society. While I have been astro-viewing and imaging on and off for nearly 25 years I had failed to make satisfactory progress. The many capable members of ASE provided key advice to sort out my mount, guiding and imaging issues. Recently my interest in visual observation has been renewed thanks to member advice – so out will come the Dobsonian to view the sky unaided – except for star maps and guide books. ASE is a very lively society with excellent meetings and speakers.

Ron Morley


The annual subscription is payable on the 1st of October, the rate being determined by the Council. Subscriptions may be paid by Standing Order to the Society’s bank account, or by cash or cheque to the Treasurer. Standing order details may be obtained from the Treasurer.

Full from 1 Oct 2023Concessionary from 1 Oct 2023
Members renewing,
for period October to September
(12 months)
New applications before the end
of March, for period to September
(6 to 12 months)
New applications after the start of
April, for period to September of the
following year (12 to 18 months)

The concessionary rate applies to Junior members (under 18), pensioners, students and unwaged persons.


Members must agree to abide by the Constitution of the Astronomical Society of Edinburgh.

1.1 The name of the Society shall be The Astronomical Society of Edinburgh and its objectives shall be to advance the education of the public about the science of astronomy and to promote astronomical research chiefly in the area of the City of Edinburgh and the Lothians. The Society will achieve this by-

(a) circulating and publicising information on astronomical matters by the publication of articles, books etc;

(b) encouraging astronomical study and observation; and

(c) increasing popular interest in astronomy.

1.2. The Society is a charity registered in Scotland. The Council shall ensure the Constitution and Laws, governance and activities of the Society comply with Scots law in relation to its charitable status.

* Memberships are subject to accepting the Society’s Constitution. Please be aware that not all benefits can be provided for more distant members.