…for people wanting to get into astronomy we have created an easy access guide – in 4 steps – with articles and videos to make the process as simple and easy as possible

Where do I start, what do I need to think about?

We have put together a written guide and a video to help you choose based on our experience.

We know people get a telescope or have one tucked away but are not sure how to use it. Let us help you understand how to set it up and use it.

We will run another Telescope Help Shop again. Watch out on our Facebook page and our website for details.

Register your interest to take part in one.

Navigating the night sky

Where are the constellations? What is that bright object in the night sky? How can I find another Galaxy? Do you want to show the kids what is up there?

Are you interested in what is in the night sky and how to find your way around?

Here is a video where Alan Pickup shows you how to Navigate around our sky (spoiler alert: Northern Hemisphere only)

Intro to astro-imaging

Are you interested in taking a picture/image of the night sky or the moon etc. even with a camera and no telescope find out how. Or work your way up to ‘helping science research projects!

We have put together 5 videos to help people at all levels of experience from :

  1. A beginner with a DSLR and tripod
  2. How to Stack images or use Electronically aided imaging (EAA)
  3. High res Lunar, Planetary and Solar videos
  4. Deep Sky, long exposure imaging
  5. Imaging for Science projects like Exoplanet research! Wow

Have a go, get inspired. There is something for everyone!

There’s a whole Universe out there to explore with you own eyes (although binoculars or a telescope will show you a lot more). Follow us on Facebook or visit our website. Better still join our Society or any local Astronomical group where you can get advice and try out some equipment.

For those interested there are lots of fascinating talks on our YouTube channel.