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Astronomy in Edinburgh

Because of Covid-19 all our meetings are now online – and we’re doing more of them. Stay involved and keep an eye open here, on Facebook and Twitter. Visitors please join us on our YouTube channel.

We’re aiming to have something happening online at least twice a month – often on Fridays at 7:30pm. We also have the monthly Imaging & Observing Group meetings for ASE members on the Wednesday after the first monthly meeting.

The priority for the ASE is the health and safety of our members and the public but we also want to continue engaging with you all through our love of astronomy.

Observing forecast for Edinburgh

A green block indicates a clear sky, orange partially clear, red cloudy. Blue blocks show cloud level – darker blue is clearer. Click on the chart for hourly detail and ISS passes. Forecast provided by

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Featured news

Here come the Geminids – and no Moon!

1 December 2020|

The reliable Geminids peak on the night of 13/14 December and the Moon won't get in the way. We can expect rates of up to 50 meteors per hour.

More News

Explore Auriga the Charioteer

3 November 2020|

As winter approaches we look forward to seeing the likes of Orion, Gemini and Taurus, but in late autumn Auriga is worth a look and it's already getting high in the eastern sky.

Choosing a telescope

18 October 2020|

Mark Phillips gave us a talk on what to consider when choosing a telescope as well as examples of different types and options.

18 Sept 2020 meeting report

20 September 2020|

ASE member John Murrell gave us a fascinating insight into the Gaia second data release. 

Imaging & Observing Group

5 September 2020|

At our recent September meeting we announced that the Imaging Group would become the Imaging & Observing Group (IOG). This is not a change of focus but to more accurately reflect what we do and be as inclusive as possible.

Get ready for Mars 2020

31 August 2020|

For most of the rest of 2020 Mars is going to be a prominent evening object and the best placed object to observe, so don't miss out on seeing it at this favourable apparition.

End-of-term report

4 August 2020|

The first part of our lockdown season of talks came to end on Friday and what an amazing time we've had. Featuring practical, historical, entertaining and superb keynote talks.

The Sky in August 2020 presentation

1 August 2020|

ASE member Mark Phillips told us about the things to view in the night sky during August, including the Perseids meteor shower, Mars and several objects in our ASE-24 list.

Intro to Astro-imaging Part 5 online

25 July 2020|

The fifth  part of our Intro to Astro-imaging course covered imaging for science projects at our online Zoom meeting, also broadcast on YouTube.

More Events

Imaging & Observing Group Meeting

9 December @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Imaging & Observing Group Meeting

13 January 2021 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Navigating the Night Sky

15 January 2021 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Clockwise: (Polaris, Polarscopes and Sundials)

20 January 2021 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Ask an Astronomer

Is there something you always wanted to know about our universe?

How to observe a planet? Take a photo of the stars? Which telescope to buy? Why is space black? …

Well here’s your chance: just ask your question in the form and we’ll try and get back to you with an answer. The answer may just be: “we have no idea” – but that’s the beauty of astronomy!

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