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It’s Globular cluster season

20 August 2018|

The summer twilight is receding and the globular clusters are again well placed for viewing. Go outside and have a look at these beautiful objects.

Albireo is not a true binary star

15 August 2018|

So it turns out that everyone's favourite double star, Albireo, is not a true binary system. The components are about 60 light years apart and simply an optical alignment.

New website for ASE

25 July 2018|

As you can see we have a new website! It's just a starting point as the website will evolve over the next few months. We'll say more at the September meeting.

Lunar eclipse 27th July 2018

16 July 2018|

There will be a total eclipse of the Moon on Friday 27th July. The Moon will rise fully eclipsed as seen from Edinburgh at 21:21 BST.

A blast from the past

5 June 2018|

Hoping to regularly bring to light a little of our illustrious history, this appeared (probably) in The Scotsman on  October 28, 1937 about the society's intention to lease Calton Hill.