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A new approach to solve the ‘little red dots’ conundrum in early cosmology

18 July 2024|

Observations by the James Webb Space Telescope have found hundreds of galaxies less than a billion years old crammed full of stars, and supermassive black holes far heavier than they should be according to ɅCDM. Here is an alternative that allows the black holes to form quickly and grow their host galaxy By ASE member Gareth Mayze

T Coronae Borealis – the Blaze Star

10 July 2024|

There has been a lot of hype in the press about T Coronae Borealis (T CrB), the so-called Blaze Star and a once-in-a-lifetime event. Mark Phillips tells us what it is, when it might blaze and how to see it.

Smart Telescopes: Beyond the Basics

21 June 2024|

The smart telescope wave is showing no sign of attenuation and the “traditional Astro imaging” community is still divided as to whether these devices help or hinder. But what comes next? After “just imaging”, is there anything more? Read on and find out.

Newsletter extracts 16 June 2024

17 June 2024|

Here are some of the things our members see each week in the Newsletter, as well as many more. This is from the latest one.

An Epic Aurora!

14 May 2024|

Did you see the aurora on 10 May 2024? Wow - what an amazing spectacle! Here's a small selection of images from our members.

3 May 2024 Meeting Report

3 May 2024|

We were very fortunate to have Ruth Boreham step in at short notice and tell us about the amazing Mary Somerville. And what an excellent, well-told story it was too. Alan Pickup gave us his comprehensive and knowledgeable view of the Sky in May

Deep Sky imaging from Edinburgh? Seriously?

30 April 2024|

Just look at this video created by very talented ASE member, Eros Tang. He is in the very centre of Edinburgh too and using narrowband filters has imaged some of the most beautiful objects in the night sky.

Northern Lights trip to Norway

28 April 2024|

Some stunning images, videos and story of ASE member Eros Tang's trip to Norway to capture the aurora

Image of the Quarter Winner

21 April 2024|

Congratulations to Ron Morley who won our Image of the Quarter Competition Q1 2024 with his creative and alternative "Ring of Fire" image.

A comet outburst discovery for ASERO

27 March 2024|

We are still ironing out the final kinks in our remote observatory, but already we have some success with the discovery of a major outburst on Comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1. We were fortunate to have clear skies in Spain when many others didn't.

ASE membership benefits

20 March 2024|

Some of the things that non-members never get to see include weekly newsletters and our Members-only website. Here are some of the things that members can see and contribute to.

15 March 2024 Meeting Report

18 March 2024|

Steve Tonkin gave us a very entertaining - if doom-laden talk - about how the Universe is trying to get us: "Ten ways the Universe tries to kill you".

16 February 2024 Meeting report

17 February 2024|

Mary McIntyre gave us part 2 of her History of Women in Astronomy. Some shocking stories in there as well as lots of interesting facts.

Telescope Help Shop 16 March 2024

15 February 2024|

Need help getting started with your new telescope? Our first few workshops were a great success, this is our sixth. Entry is free to ASE members and £5 to non-members but registration is required as places are limited.

Livestream from Spain

4 February 2024|

Unfortunately we had to cancel our meeting on Friday at the last minute but instead the Society went online and did live observing at our observatory in Spain.

19 January 2024 Meeting Report

20 January 2024|

We had a really interesting talk from Dr James Dire, live from Texas, on The History of Innovations in Telescopes. Useful to hear where all the designs, styles and brands that we now know so well actually come from.

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