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Imaging & Observing Group

5 September 2020|

At our recent September meeting we announced that the Imaging Group would become the Imaging & Observing Group (IOG). This is not a change of focus but to more accurately reflect what we do and be as inclusive as possible.

Get ready for Mars 2020

31 August 2020|

For most of the rest of 2020 Mars is going to be a prominent evening object and the best placed object to observe, so don't miss out on seeing it at this favourable apparition.

End-of-term report

4 August 2020|

The first part of our lockdown season of talks came to end on Friday and what an amazing time we've had. Featuring practical, historical, entertaining and superb keynote talks.

The Sky in August 2020 presentation

1 August 2020|

ASE member Mark Phillips told us about the things to view in the night sky during August, including the Perseids meteor shower, Mars and several objects in our ASE-24 list.

Parker Solar Probe meeting report

22 July 2020|

What an enthusiastic, exciting and engaging talk we had from mission Senior Scientific Officer Dr. Nour Raouafi live from John Hopkins University, Maryland.

Is Earth Special?

18 July 2020|

Very thought-provoking talk from Prof Dave Waltham last night. Did we get a Yes or No answer? See what you think.

Lundmark Panorama and Sky in July

2 July 2020|

Clive Davenhall told us the interesting story of the Lundmark Panorama and Horst covered the Sky in July at our online meeting on Wednesday 1 July. You can catch up with the video from the meeting on our YouTube channel.

James Bradley and others FACT CHECKED!

27 June 2020|

ASE member Dr Bruce Vickery followed on from his previous talk by looking into some historical fake news about dates and the calendar in general and give us a very informative and entertaining talk as always. Watch the video above [...]

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