7 January 2022 Meeting Report

8 January 2022|

We had a good audience on Zoom as well as through our YouTube channel, with members and visitors enjoying a fascinating talk by Rebeka Higgitt of National Museums Scotland, on “Nevil Maskelyne and the global projects of 18th-century astronomy”.

17 December 2021 Meeting Report

18 December 2021|

We had a highly entertaining and informative talk on the history of Thomas Cooke telescopes and other business enterprises, from Martin Lunn.  Andrew Farrow also gave us an update on our work on the Cooke telescope on Calton Hill.

3 December 2021 Meeting report

5 December 2021|

It was great to hear from Will Joy about his passion for meteorites and his intrepid Indiana Jones adventures, hunting them in the deserts of the world. Nigel Goodman also gave us a really good presentation about the night sky in December.

Observe the ever-changing Moon

1 December 2021|

Surely the Moon is boring because nothing ever changes on it? Not at all - it changes its appearance daily. The angle of Sun hitting the surface varies and casts strange and beautiful shadows across its landscape.

What does ASE membership mean?

30 November 2021|

We always welcome visitors to our meetings at the Astronomical Society of Edinburgh (ASE) - and that will never change. But what does it actually mean if you choose to join us?

What’s in a name? The Tribbles are loose!

20 November 2021|

How do astronomical objects get their common names? Some are very obvious, others less so. But who says that's what they'll be named? I say these are the Tribble Nebulae - who's going to say they aren't?

19 November Meeting Report

20 November 2021|

The legend that is David H Levy gave us a wonderful talk about his love of astronomy and literature. And to hear him recount the story of the discovery and impact on Jupiter of Shoemaker- Levy 9 was very special.

5 November meeting report

6 November 2021|

Stellar bonfires on Bonfire Night from Dr Justyn Campbell-White who gave us a talk about the accretion disks of stars and his work interpreting their spectra. Really interesting stuff and a good demonstration of the software he wrote for the task, STAR MELT.

15 October Meeting Report

16 October 2021|

From science fiction to reality. Dr. Martin Elvis from the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian told us all about asteroids and how our future in space will be tied up with them and mining of their resources.

1 October meeting report

2 October 2021|

Our first in-person meeting back since the pandemic started was a great success with a very engaging talk from Dr Mike Shaw live from the USA on Getting started in Nighttime photography.

17th September Meeting Report

19 September 2021|

Katrin gave us a very well delivered and fascinating talk and we were treated to not just an introduction to the study of and collection of postage stamps (philately), but to a whole historical journey of astronomy and space seen through stamps. This was a terrific talk and very highly recommended!

Astronomical inspiration at the Dynamic Earth Planetarium

14 September 2021|

Yes - Edinburgh has a fantastic new planetarium at Dynamic Earth! I went to visit Planetarium Manager and former Royal Observatory Edinburgh astronomer, Dr Alastair Bruce yesterday for a look around the dome and a  sneak preview of some of their shows.

New interactive solar system map

9 September 2021|

ASE member Radim Stano has been working on a number of projects since he joined the Society and he has now released the first of them - an interactive solar system map.

3 September Meeting Report

4 September 2021|

The society’s regular talks resumed for the new season with a fascinating talk from Professor Don Pollacco of the University of Warwick. His talk covered the science of detecting terrestrial exo-planets and the work involved in untangling the natural activity of a star from the influence of its orbiting planet(s).

Watch the Perseid meteor shower this August 2021

3 August 2021|

The Perseids, one of the best meteor showers of the year, reaches its peak on the night of August 12-13, not long after New Moon, so conditions are quite favourable. Some will be visible each night from 23 July to 20 August.

Our Autumn Programme 2021

30 July 2021|

We've got a great programme of talks and events lined up this Autumn. Here's a taster of what's to come. More talks are still to be confirmed.

2 July Meeting Report

4 July 2021|

We had an excellent talk from Prof. Giles Hammond of the University of Glasgow on a very interesting project he's running with his students. Alan Pickup also gave us a very comprehensive rundown of what's in the night sky in July and August.

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