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The Quadrantids New Year meteor shower

13 December 2019|

This meteor shower radiating from a forgotten constellation is one of the most prolific of the year but not as popular as other showers. This year the Moon is mostly out of the way so it could be a good one.

December 2019 meeting report

10 December 2019|

Prof. Colin Cunningham of Edinburgh University described the many engineering and scientific challenges associated with the building and future operation of the ELT.

John Brown obituary

28 November 2019|

Prof. John C. Brown, OBE, Astronomer Royal for Scotland The Council and Members of the Astronomical Society of Edinburgh are saddened to learn of the death of our Honorary President Prof. John Brown, the 10th Astronomer Royal for Scotland. We [...]

Observe the ever-changing Moon

24 November 2019|

Surely the Moon is boring because nothing ever changes on it? Not at all - it changes its appearance daily. The angle of Sun hitting the surface varies and casts strange and beautiful shadows across its landscape.

Observe the Open Clusters of Autumn

12 November 2019|

Open Clusters are beautiful, varied and relatively simple to observe and image. There are a number of good ones well-placed at this time of year. Have a look at some of them.

November 2019 meeting report

6 November 2019|

Thank you to Matjaz Vidmar from the Royal Observatory Edinburgh for a very interesting and informative talk. I don't think many of us knew just how advanced the Scottish space industry is.

October 2019 meeting report

10 October 2019|

We had a very interesting and future-looking talk by John I. Davies, Senior Researcher & Principium Editor, The Initiative for Interstellar Studies at our October meeting.