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Why is Jupiter so low down?

20 June 2019|

Why is Jupiter so low down, barely 12 degrees above the horizon, and difficult to observe? Remember when it was really high up in the sky? What's going on?

June 2019 meeting report and information

8 June 2019|

Along with our AGM, Professor Philip Best of the ROE gave a really interesting talk about Deep Radio Sky Surveys with the LOFAR array. Who knew radio telescopes might be supplied flat-packed by a well-know Swedish furniture company.

April 2019 meeting report

5 April 2019|

Over 100 people again and a very interesting talk from Dr Alexander Mackinnon on CTR Wilson and cosmic rays, describing how this branch of high-energy astrophysics can be traced back to the Scottish highlands.

Young people are just amazed at the night sky

30 March 2019|

Here's an interesting article from our newest member, Fedra Antoniadou, currently studying physics at the University of Edinburgh. Fedra talks about how there really is an appetite for astronomy in our children.

Charles Piazzi Smyth exhibition

22 March 2019|

An exhibition to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Edinburgh astronomer Charles Piazzi Smyth will open in the Nelson Monument on Calton Hill on 1st April 2019.

March 2019 meeting report

5 March 2019|

Again this month we had over 100 people and a great talk by Professor Alex Murphy from the University of Edinburgh on "Dark Matter: what is it, and how are we going to find it?"