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Three Scope and Shed talks

27 June 2020|

ASE members Tosh White, Mike McGovern and Peter Black gave us some very interesting and informative Scope and Shed talks on Wednesday evening. The aim of these SCope Talks is to give you an insight into what each bit of [...]

Exploring Alien Atmospheres

17 June 2020|

What a fantastic, engaging talk we had by Dr Hannah Wakeford of the University of Bristol. Lots of viewers both on Zoom and YouTube with many good questions afterwards.

ASE YouTube channel

22 May 2020|

We now have a very active YouTube channel where you can watch all our past public talks since lockdown started.

1 May 2020 meeting report

2 May 2020|

We had fascinating and challenging talk from Prof. Franz Muheim on Neutrinos in particle physics and astronomy at our meeting last night.

Intro to Astro-Imaging part 3

29 April 2020|

The third part of our Intro to astro-imaging course covered hi-res lunar, solar and planetary imaging capture and processing techniques. Watch the video of the session.

ARIEL and ExoClock talk

18 April 2020|

We had a fantastic online talk from Anastasia Kokori and Angelos Tsiaras last night on the ARIEL space mission and ExoClock projects. What a great way for amateurs to get involved in leading-edge exoplanet research.

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