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December 2019 meeting report

10 December 2019|

Prof. Colin Cunningham of Edinburgh University described the many engineering and scientific challenges associated with the building and future operation of the ELT.

Observe the ever-changing Moon

24 November 2019|

Surely the Moon is boring because nothing ever changes on it? Not at all - it changes its appearance daily. The angle of Sun hitting the surface varies and casts strange and beautiful shadows across its landscape.

Observe the Open Clusters of Autumn

12 November 2019|

Open Clusters are beautiful, varied and relatively simple to observe and image. There are a number of good ones well-placed at this time of year. Have a look at some of them.

November 2019 meeting report

6 November 2019|

Thank you to Matjaz Vidmar from the Royal Observatory Edinburgh for a very interesting and informative talk. I don't think many of us knew just how advanced the Scottish space industry is.

October 2019 meeting report

10 October 2019|

We had a very interesting and future-looking talk by John I. Davies, Senior Researcher & Principium Editor, The Initiative for Interstellar Studies at our October meeting.

September 2019 meeting report

9 September 2019|

What a very entertaining and involving talk we had from Dr Alastair Bruce of the ROE! He brought along his Lego Apollo 11 model and took us through the whole journey with a little orbital mechanics thrown in too.