What a really excellent talk from Dr Denis Vida of the Global Meteor Network. With all the interest in the recent fireball seen across Scotland a couple of days ago this was a very timely meeting. Watch the video if you missed it as was really good.

Denis is from the Global Meteor Network and we also had Mark McIntyre from the UK Meteor Network on Zoom too, who took part in the questions at the end. Both had been involved in the determination of the orbit of the fireball. Here’s the analysis from UKMON.

Denis explained why it is worthwhile to monitor meteors and also why and how he setup the global network of cameras built and hosted by amateurs. Another great example of Pro-Am collaboration in astronomy.

ASE members have meteors cameras on both networks and you can see the latest images from them on this website. Information on how to build you own can be fond on the GMN website or you can buy a ready-built one (just provide a Raspberry Pi).