Meetings and events in summer 2014

The main series of meetings held by the Astronomical Society of Edinburgh are its Ordinary Meetings, which feature a main talk by a guest speaker on a topic of general interest. The main talk is often preceded by short presentations by members and by a preview of the month's night sky. Ordinary Meetings are held monthly - except June and August - on the first or second Friday of the month. Non-members are welcome to these meetings, which take place at the Augustine Church Centre. Admission is free, for members and non-members.

Other regular meetings - Imaging Group, in-town or out-of-town observing - tend to be for members only. Occasionally, we also run, participate in, or sponsor events for the public. The annual programme is split in two semesters; the winter semester starts on September 1st, the summer semester starts on April 1st. Any changes to our meeting arrangements will be placed on our website


The Astronomical Society of Edinburgh was founded 1924-10-15 as the Astronomical Association of Edinburgh. As a small celebration of our 90th birthday, a mini-series of three talks is given by leading Edinburgh astronomers, who have a connection with ASE. Prof Lawrence holds the post that Thomas Henderson, first Astronomer Royal for Scotland - took up in 1834. Lawrence is also an Honorary President of ASE, like all his predecessors starting with Prof R.A. Sampson in 1924. Profs Brand and Heggie were active in the Fellowship of Junior Astronomers - an off-shoot of ASE - a few decades ago.

Apr 4th
20:00, ASE, Church Centre, AUC
Geoffrey Scott, AS Edinburgh
Astronomy in Mongolia and China
Apr 9th
19:30, ASE, Juniper Green Village Hall
Imaging Group
Members only
An informal and social setting for members to enjoy the hobby, and to learn from the knowledge and experience of others.
May 2nd
20:00, ASE, Church Centre, AUC
Cairns Mason, Stirling
John Napier of Merchiston - the 400th anniversary of the discovery of logarithms
Jun 6th
20:00, ASE, Church Centre, AUC
Annual General Meeting
Members only
Followed by a presentation by Dr David Gavine on Visual observing of variable stars
Jul 4th
20:00, ASE@90, Church Centre, AUC
Prof Andrew Lawrence, Royal Observatory Edinburgh
The Universe and Me: our place in the cosmos


The maps are courtesy of OpenStreetMap and available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic Licence.