Winter 2007 Programme of Meetings

Our meetings are open to the public (unless otherwise stated). We are always happy to see new faces.

Ordinary meetings take place at 8pm (Civil Time) in the City Dome of the City Observatory, Calton Hill (usually on the first Friday of the month). On the following Monday evening we hold Observing Group meetings starting at 8pm. If the weather is poor then we may leave after an hour but given good weather hope to be there until 10pm at least.

Any changes to our meeting arrangements will be put on our website and on the answering machine at the observatory (556 4365).

Date Event
2007 October 5th Dave Gavine   Past President, ASE
  "Thomas Dick"
  8th Observing Group
November 2nd Andrew Elliott - BAA
  "Real time video astronomy"
  5th Observing Group
December 7th Lyn Smith - BAA Solar Section Director
  "Observing the Sun in White Light and Hydrogen Alpha"
  10th Observing Group
  21st Observing Evening
Mars was at its closest approach earlier in the week so we hope for a good view and the Moon will be next to the Pleiades
Regardless of the weather we will be observing seasonal mince pies and maybe some mulled wine
2008 January 11th John Braithwaite    
  "Adventures of a Telescope Maker"
  14th Observing Group
February 1st Dr David Kerridge - British Geological Survey
  "The Earth's Magnetic Field"
  4th Observing Group
March 7th Prof Andrew Collier Cameron - St.Andrews
  "The Search for Extra Solar Planets"
  10th Observing Group
  21st Annual General Meeting