Summer 2006 Programme of Meetings

Our meetings are open to the public (unless otherwise stated). We are always happy to see new faces.

Ordinary meetings take place at 8pm (Civil Time) in the City Dome of the City Observatory, Calton Hill (usually on the first Friday of the month).

Any changes to our meeting arrangements will be put on our website and on the answering machine at the observatory (556 4365).

Date Event
March 29th Partial Solar Eclipse
The observatory will be open to view the eclipse (weather permitting).
Start: 10:55 BST / Mid-eclipse: 11:35 BST / Ends: 12:16 BST.
April 7th Alan Pickup - ASE
  "Saturn and Cassini"
  21stOpen Evening from 8pm to 10pm
May 5th Gerry Taylor - ASE
  "Extreme Stars"
  19thOpen Evening from 8pm to 10pm
  20th Scottish Astronomers Group Meeting

(Please note that this is a Saturday afternoon meeting.)
Doors open at 12 noon for some solar observing (weather permitting) and the meeting starts at 1pm. Please try to come along and bring something to share: pictures, observations, sketches and anything else you have.

The lecture will be by Alan Cayless of the Stirling Astronomical Society about his experiences as a tutor at the Open University on their student practical astronomy programme at an observatory in Majorca.
June 2nd Ron Livesey - BAA
  "Space Weather"
  12th Royal Society of Edinburgh meeting: Robert Cormack Bequest Lecture

"The Cassini-Huygens mission at Titan"

Dr Athéna Coustenis of the Paris-Meudon Observatory will be giving this lecture at a meeting of the Royal Society of Edinburgh at 5pm on Monday 12th June. The meeting is open to all and free to attend but tickets are required. See the RSE website for further details and an application form for tickets
  19th Royal Scottish Society of Arts meeting

"Supermassive Black Holes: the engines of Active Galaxies"

Professor Ian Robson, Director of the UK Astronomical Technology Centre, at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh will be giving this lecture at 7:30pm on Monday 19th June, following the RSSA's AGM. It is open to the public and members of the ASE are invited to attend. See the RSSA website for further details
July 7th Neil Grubb - ASE
  "Its not Rocket Science"
August 4th Members' Night    
  Short presentations by members of the Society
September 1st Dr John Davies - ROE
  "Is Pluto a Planet?"