Winter 2005 Programme of Meetings

Ordinary meetings take place at 8pm (Civil Time) in the City Dome of the City Observatory, Calton Hill (usually on the first Friday of the month).

The Observatory will be open to the public between 8pm and 10pm (possibly later if the weather is good) on the third Friday of each month.

On other Fridays we are often there between 8pm and 10pm if the skies are clear but please check by phone before coming up the hill.

Any changes to our meeting arrangements will be put on our website and on the answering machine at the observatory (556 4365).

2005 October 7th Dr Bill Samson - Mills Observatory, Dundee
  "Measuring the Universe"
 21stOpen Evening
November 4th Bob Marriott - British Astronomical Association
  "The Barwell Meteorite"
 15th, 16th & 18thOpen Evenings
Weather permitting, we will be open for public viewing of Mars
(please phone 07734012536 on the evening to see if we judge the weather to be good enough.)
December 2nd Brian Kelly - Dundee Astronomical Society
  "From the Sun to the Outposts of the Universe - the life of George Ellery Hale"
 16thOpen Evening
2006 January 6th Roger Stapleton - St.Andrews University
  "The St.Andrews University Observatory Instruments - past and present"
 20thOpen Evening
February 3rd Melvyn Taylor - Leeds Astronomical Society
  "Blinking Stars!"
 17thOpen Evening
March 3rd Presidential Address by Des Loughney
  "Brown Dwarfs"
 17th Annual General Meeting & Open Evening