Summer 2000 Programme of Meetings

Ordinary meetings take place at 8pm (Civil Time) in the City Dome of the City Observatory (usually on the first Friday of the month). We open the Observatory to Society members and interested members of the public most other Friday evenings.

City Observatory, Calton Hill, Edinburgh EH7 5AA

Any changes to our meeting arrangements will be put on our website and on the answering machine at the observatory (556 4365).

  April 7th Neil Grubb - ASE
CCD Imaging
  May 5th Brian Kelly - Former Dundee City Astronomer
The Story of the Little Bear, the Rose, and the Sunspots
  20th Scottish Astronomers' Group
Meeting at the City Observatory
  June 2nd Gerry Taylor - ASE
Families of Satellites
  July 7th Social Evening
  A light-hearted but informative event
with Cheese & Wine
  August 4th Members' Night
  Short presentations by members of the Society
  September 1st Dave Gavine - ASE
  Lunar Occultations
  15th - 17th Scottish Astronomy Weekend
  Held this year in Glasgow