Steuart Campbell

Our nearest planet?

2019-11-30T13:14:26+00:0017 February 2019|

The BBC radio4 programme More or Less (broadcast weekly on Fridays; repeated on a Sunday) deals with claims involving numbers or statistics. Unusually, the episode broadcast on 11 January 2019 [...]

City light pollution could get worse

2019-11-30T13:14:38+00:0021 May 2018|

For the amateur astronomer in a city, the biggest obstacle is light pollution, mainly from street lighting. Until recently, most street lights were sodium discharge lamps, initially low pressure (LPS), but [...]

Are We Alone?

2019-11-30T13:15:02+00:007 June 2017|

In 1961, Professor Frank Drake attempted to estimate the number of extra-terrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way with which we might come into contact by making several assumptions. The Drake [...]

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