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The Astronomical Society of Edinburgh runs a 4-step programme to help beginners get into astronomy. The events run at various times in the year so keep an eye on this website to find out when the next one is due.

The 4-steps are:


This is an ONLINE GUIDE » that will be updated each year with the latest information. There are many options available so it’s worth knowing what matters before you buy. There is also a video of our “Choosing a telescope” meeting which you may find useful where we discuss more advanced kit.


Our Telescope Help Shop aims to show beginners how to get the most out of their telescopes. It covers the basics such as setting up, polar alignment, choosing eyepieces and observing checklists. We also introduce our ASE-24: Observing List for Beginners »


This event provides you with information on how to find your way around the night sky, as well as showing you some of the more interesting sights that you can find there. When the weather allows, we will give you a hands-on guided tour, looking through telescopes at some of the brighter objects.


Many astronomers want to move on to taking images of astronomical objects and this workshop will introduce you to the concepts. Starting from simple fixed camera imaging – through lunar and planetary – to deep sky astro-imaging. We will provide advice on capture techniques, equipment setup, software, image processing tutorials as well as demonstrating actual equipment used for imaging.

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4-Steps Articles

Choosing a telescope

Mark Phillips gave us a talk on what to consider when choosing a telescope as well as examples of different types and options.

Intro to Astro-Imaging part 3

The third part of our Intro to astro-imaging course covered hi-res lunar, solar and planetary imaging capture and processing techniques. Watch the video of the session.

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