The Search for Life (by someone who’s done it)

Augustine United Church 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

Talk by Richard Shaw. We will also have the Sky in December. In person in Edinburgh and online. The search for life on other worlds has revealed nothing so far. [...]


Exploring the dark Universe with the Euclid space telescope

Augustine United Church 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

Talk by Dr Alex Hall The expansion of the Universe is accelerating, and we do not understand why. To 'explain' this acceleration, cosmologists have theorised the existence of a substance [...]

The History of Innovations in Telescopes


Talk by Dr. James R. Dire This talk will start with the invention of the telescope in the late 16th century and cover all of the innovative improvements in telescope [...]

A History of Women in Astronomy, Part 2


Talk by Mary McIntyre Following on from part one, this talk tells the stories of some of the trailblazing women working in astronomy after Caroline Herschel. There were many more [...]

Members Night

Augustine United Church 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

Short presentations from ASE members. This will not be broadcast on YouTube but visitors are welcome to pop in and join us in person.

Ten ways the Universe tries to kill you


Talk by Steve Tonkin, FRAS From gamma-ray bursts to asteroid impacts, this is an overview of cataclysmic events. This light-hearted, but scientifically robust, approach incorporates a lot of fundamental cosmological [...]

Telescope Help Shop 16 March 2024

St Thomas's Church, Gyle Hall 75-79 Glasgow Road, Edinburgh

Need help getting started with your new telescope? Our first few workshops were a great success, this is our sixth. Entry is free to ASE members and £5 to non-members [...]