Building galaxies one star at a time


Talk by Dr Elizabeth Stanway of the University of Warwick Galaxies can now be seen to vast distances, looking back in time to less than a billion years [...]

Renovating the 20″ Grubb Parsons Telescope at Glasgow Uni

Augustine United Church 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

Talk by Prof Giles Hammond, University of Glasgow. We will also have the Sky in February from Horst Meyerdierks and Andrew Farrow will give a presentation about our Charles Tulley [...]


The Red Sun


Talk by Lyn Smith Lyn Smith is the current Director of the BAA Solar Section and she will take us on a journey through the solar atmosphere or Chromosphere, viewed [...]

Imaging & Observing Group


For ASE members. We wil have Bruce Waddington along to talk to us about PHD guiding.

Telescope Help Shop FULLY BOOKED

St Thomas's Church, Gyle Hall 75-79 Glasgow Road, Edinburgh

This event is now FULLY BOOKED so if you haven't already registered them I'm afraid there are no spaces. You can register for a future one by getting in touch [...]


Members Night

Augustine United Church 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

An evening of short presentations by and for ASE members. This will be on Zoom for members but on this occasion NOT on YouTube. If you are in Edinburgh and [...]