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The Accretion and Inner Disk of Pre-Main-Sequence Stars

Augustine United Church 41 George IV BridgeEdinburgh,

An insight into some real astronomical research from a professional astronomer. Talk by Dr Justyn Campbell-White from the University of Dundee. Low- and intermediate-mass stars acquire most of their mass [...]

“Finding Space Rocks”

Augustine United Church 41 George IV BridgeEdinburgh,

‘Finding Space Rocks’ offers insight and knowledge to help identify and find Meteorites. The presenter also describes his meteorite hunting adventures with photos and videos and there is a competition for one viewer to win a meteorite.

Thomas Cooke: Telescope Maker to the Empire


Talk by Martin Lunn MBE FRAS, former Curator of Astronomy, Yorkshire Museum, York (The Rambling Astronomer) Born into a poor family, this is a rags to riches story about a [...]

Building galaxies one star at a time


Talk by Dr Elizabeth Stanway of the University of Warwick Galaxies can now be seen to vast distances, looking back in time to less than a billion years after the [...]

The Red Sun


Talk by Lyn Smith Lyn Smith is the current Director of the BAA Solar Section and she will take us on a journey through the solar atmosphere or Chromosphere, viewed [...]