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Talk by Richard Shaw. We will also have the Sky in December.
In person in Edinburgh and online.

The search for life on other worlds has revealed nothing so far. Would a look closer to home be helpful? Join Richard as he takes a quick tour through a universe that’s under (and inside) our noses and discover the richness of life on one planet, how it might survive elsewhere and why we shouldn’t send people to Mars.

Richard Shaw
Despite wishing to be an astronomer since the mid 1960s Richard spent four and a half decades in Microbiology in the NHS. Although not a researcher he is published in several prestigious journals and in the professional journal. He rose to be the head of the Microbiology laboratory services in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, the Royal Alexandra Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children at Yorkhill before retiring to pursue his first love. He is never afraid to be controversial when he has the facts to back up his opinions but he thinks a lecture is waste of time unless it’s fun, interesting and tells you something you didn’t know before.