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Grant from First Light Optics is going to be talking about version 2 of the Ikarus Observatory a remote observatory project in the South of Spain. Version 1 launched just prior to lockdown and was used extensively throughout the pandemic to provide hundreds of hour of high quality, free Astro photography data for amateur astronomers and for public outreach live viewing.

Version 2 is bigger and better with more control and flexibility. We hope to use this as a foundation for even more outreach with opportunities to share data for amateur use and scientific projects.

Grant will talk about the projects planning and progress so far with lots of details on the equipment, software and technology used, the challenges of remote operation and plans for the future. If it’s clear in Spain, we may also have an opportunity for some live viewing.

Grant is an avid amateur astronomer with a particular passion for astrophotography, astronomy gear and public outreach. He has a background in web development and I.T and has worked for First Light Optics since it’s inception and been on board full time for almost a decade. He is one of the admin team for the Stargazers Lounge forum and the developer behind Clear Outside and Astronomy.Tools. Grant is also part of the committee of his local astronomy society, Letchworth and District Astronomy Society.