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Talk by Gemma Richardson of the Geomagnetism team at the British Geological Survey.

We will also have the Sky in October from Alan Pickup.

Space weather is a relative newcomer to the world of natural hazards as it affects our technology, rather having a direct impact on us. However, as our reliance on technology grows ever stronger it is becoming more and more important to understand the causes and effects of space weather so that we can mitigate against them. Solar storms can lead to damage in ground based technological infrastructure, such as power grids, pipelines and railways, and so have the potential to be incredibly disruptive to our daily lives. Gemma will give an overview of space weather forecasting and research and describe some of the research being undertaken to help understand how geomagnetically induced currents affect technology.

Gemma works in the Geomagnetism team at the British Geological Survey forecasting, researching and providing services related to space weather. She has now spent over a decade studying the impacts of space weather on ground-based technological infrastructure, particularly power grids and, more recently, pipelines and railways. Her research is mostly focused on the UK, but she has also been involved in projects around the world including New Zealand, Ireland, France and the interconnected European power network. Gemma is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Image credit: NASA