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Talk by Dr Benjamin Giblin. We will also have the Sky in September.

Cosmology is the study of how the Universe formed and has evolved over time. Despite incredible progress in this field throughout the 20th century, several mysteries now lie at the heart of our standard cosmological model. What is the nature of dark matter and dark energy? These components seem to have an enormous impact on the rate of the Universe’s expansion, and yet we lack a theoretical understanding of them. In this talk, I will present how gravitational lensing – the bending of light by distant galaxies – is helping us to answer these fundamental questions in cosmology, and why I think the future is bright for studying the dark Universe.

Bio: I am an observational cosmologist and Stephen Hawking Research Fellow based at the University of Edinburgh. I use telescopes based in Chile and in space to measure how the light from millions of galaxies is bent by the gravity of large-scale structures in our Universe. This phenomenon of ‘gravitational lensing’ helps us to infer the balance of matter and dark energy in the Universe. I completed my PhD at the University of Edinburgh in 2019, and have since worked as a researcher in Edinburgh and Barcelona.