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Talk by Mary McIntyre

Our last speaker had to cancel so we are fortunate that Mary is able to step in at short notice.

By studying shadows on Earth to shadows on the surface of the Moon we can learn a lot but it doesn’t stop there; cameras on probes in orbit around other planets and their moons give us the opportunity to study the shadows there too and they have taught us so much.

Mary is an amateur astronomer and astronomy communicator based in Oxfordshire, UK. She is a keen astrophotographer but also loves creating and teaching astronomy sketching and art. She is passionate about astronomy outreach and was awarded the 2021 Sir Patrick Moore Prize by the BAA for her outreach activities. She has a very busy talks schedule, is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, is on the SPA council, and a member of the BAA. She is a regular contributor to Sky at Night Magazine and the Yearbook of Astronomy and has contributed chapters to several other books. She is also a co-presenter of the Comet Watch radio show and an occasional panel member on the Space Oddities live panel show.