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Intriguing: ASE member Tosh White talks about something or other…

We gave Tosh mostly a free hand when deciding what to talk about – something like space news or a topic that interests you we said. A pretty dangerous thing you may think. So we asked him for a synopsis and this is what we got:

“I want to set expectations very low – and then I intend to miss them! I find it’s best to disappoint than overburden people with false badgers.”

Who can forget his last talk on building an observatory where he lost his tape measure and put his wife in the hole to measure the depth of concrete required? She has now been freed after he forgot to remove her before pouring began but she is understandably reluctant to visit the observatory now!

We may change the description of this talk before the event – but seems highly unlikely. So come at your own risk. The least we can guarantee are some planetary shaped vegetables from his garden.