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Unfortunately Dr Richard McCracken is unable to give our September talk on Exoplanets, which he will give another time. Fortunately Dr Alastair Bruce of the Royal Observatory Edinburgh will give us a talk entitled “Happy Birthday Tranquility Base”.

“Only 24 humans have ever gone to the Moon. Only twelve of those have walked on the surface of our nearest neighbour. One brought some tartan along for the ride. Journey with a space-race geek who never got to see a Saturn V fly and still won’t forgive himself for missing a Space Shuttle launch. How did we do it? Why did we do it? What the heck does “SCE to AUX” mean?”

Alastair completed his PhD last year and currently works at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh. He currently splits his time between researching active galactic nuclei and working for the James Webb Space Telescope UK Public Engagement Campaign.

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