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Talk by Dr Jenifer Millard.

Did you know that just a century ago, the Milky Way was the entire Universe? Astonishing really, when today there are likely more galaxies in the observable Universe than stars in our home galaxy.

In this talk, astronomer and science communicator Dr Jenifer Millard will take us through the fascinating history of galactic discovery, before exploring these “Island Universes” through the lens of infrared light and cosmic dust. By the end, you’ll be just as obsessed with the invisible universe as Dr Jen…

Dr Jenifer Millard completed her Astrophysics PhD in 2021, wherein she studied “The Stuff Between the Stars” at Cardiff University. Although those moments of discovery, to be the first person in the world to know something about the Universe that we didn’t know before, were undeniably thrilling, during her PhD, Jeni realised that her true passion lies in sharing her love of space with the world. She is now the Managing Editor of Fifth Star Labs “Sky Guide” App, writer and host of the popular “Awesome Astronomy” podcast, BBC space expert, and science presenter for BBC1 Wales’ “Weatherman Walking” series. She is one of Cardiff University’s 30ish Award Winners for 2022, recognising the movers and shakers in the alumni community. When not getting giddy about space, you’ll find Jeni kicking back with a movie or galavanting around the UK.

Optical: This is the classic visible view of the Andromeda Galaxy.

Infrared: Andromeda’s dust ring stands out in the infrared.
Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, K. Gordon (University of Arizona)