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Talk by Prof Andy Taylor, University of Edinburgh. We will also have the Sky in June from Mark Phillips. We will hold our AGM at the end of the meeting.

In this talk I will discuss the evidence for dark energy and the problems this raises for cosmology and fundamental physics. I will then present an update on ESA’s Euclid dark energy satellite mission and the work being carried out in Edinburgh.

Andy Taylor is Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Edinburgh, based at the Royal Observatory on Blackford Hill. He completed his PhD in Cosmology at Imperial College and Queen Mary College London before moving to the Univeristy of Edinburgh in 1992. He specialises in observational and theoretical Cosmology, studying Dark Matter, Dark Energy, the Early Universe, and Gravitation. He has led international teams of scientists observing and analysing the clustering of galaxies, gravitational lensing, the cosmic microwave background and the analysis of gravitational waves. His contributions to Cosmology include pioneering the Standard Cosmological Model, devising a method to ‘see’ Dark Matter in 3D, and developing fundamental theories and tests of Dark Energy. He currently leads an international team which developed the European Space Agency’s Euclid Dark Energy satellite mission, leads the Euclid gravitational lensing and UK’s data analysis, and established the UK’s Euclid Science Data Centre, based at Edinburgh. He has published over 200 academic papers, was elected to the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2010, and was awarded the Royal Society of London’s Wolfson Research Award in 2015.