Members Night 8 September 2023 report

2023-09-26T17:24:16+01:009 September 2023|

A really excellent Members Night with a wide-ranging selection of short talks from ASE members. Lazy and cheap astronomy, Neutrinos and galaxy rotation, Smartscopes, Great Melbourne Telescope, Ralph Copeland and the Sky in September.

2 June 2023 Meeting Report

2023-07-08T18:11:02+01:003 June 2023|

Prof. Andy Lawrence gave us a really interesting talk on 200 years of the history of astronomical imaging at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh. Jim Nisbet also covered the Sky in June and this was followed by an SGM and our AGM.

Meeting Report 19 May 2023

2023-07-08T18:15:45+01:0020 May 2023|

Indigenous Australian Astronomy - Dr Pete Kuzma. This evening we had a fascinating and thought provoking talk from Dr Pete Kuzma of Edinburgh University. We were first introduced to the complexity and likely means of arrival, 45 - 65,000 years ago, in what would become modern Australia of the many nations of indigenous people from the Torres Strait to Tasmania.

Noctilucent Clouds

2023-06-03T12:30:40+01:0013 May 2023|

Ramsay McIver tells us about these beautiful, ethereal "night-shining clouds" as we approach NLC season towards the end of May.

7 April 2023 Members Night report

2023-05-13T10:33:51+01:008 April 2023|

We had a really enjoyable members night on Friday with a number of short presentations from members. The personal stories and journeys were really fascinating and well-told.

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