3 June 2022 Meeting Report

2022-06-19T22:54:08+01:004 June 2022|

Jim Paterson spoke to us about “The mustard seed which grew into an observatory”, the story of his involvement in International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) accreditation for Moffat and how that led to a brand new community observatory !

6 May 2022 Meeting Report

2022-06-04T14:10:32+01:008 May 2022|

To open the meeting our President Mark Phillips gave us the usual highlights of the upcoming Society programme. Adding to the good news, the Society grew by no less than [...]

Making a Breeze Block Telescope Pier

2022-05-21T10:23:12+01:007 April 2022|

Andrew Farrow describes how he built a simple breeze-block garden pier to stop having to carry his tripod and mount into the garden and going through the alignment process every time.

18 March Meeting Report

2022-04-07T08:22:22+01:0020 March 2022|

We had a very interesting talk from Whitham D Reeve about observing HF Meteor Trail Reflections from Anchorage in Alaska.

4 March 2022 Meeting Report

2022-03-20T11:23:51+00:006 March 2022|

Dr Max Ruffert gave a dynamic talk on gamma-ray bursts, black holes, neutron stars and gravitational waves, and provided excellent practical explanations for his theoretical work. Alan Pickup also presented the Sky in March.

Book review: The Stargazer’s Sister by Carrie Brown

2022-02-19T23:40:52+00:0019 February 2022|

Hilary Phillips reviews The Stargazer’s Sister, a fictionalised account of the life of Caroline Herschel, sister of the much more famous William. A great read that manages to combine a personal and somewhat romanticised life story with some real astronomy.

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