Software for astronomy

2020-02-19T16:01:53+00:0013 February 2020|

There are so many pieces of astronomical software available to the amateur these days - often for free. We've added a list of some of them to our Links page.

Occultation by 4 Vesta

2020-01-19T16:14:18+00:0019 January 2020|

From Alex Pratt of the BAA - On the night of 11 Feb 2201-2203 UT, the second largest asteroid Vesta will occult a brightish (mag 5 - 6) star: HIP14439, [...]

January 2020 meeting report

2020-02-12T13:57:41+00:0013 January 2020|

What a really great meeting we had with Bob Mizon from Commission for Dark Skies and the BAA. Special thanks also to Peter Harrison, Technical Director at Institution of Lighting Professionals.

Dave Gavine

2020-01-15T22:53:09+00:004 January 2020|

We regret to inform members that Dr Dave Gavine, MA BSc PhD FRAS passed away peacefully at his home around 11:30 AM on Thursday, the 2nd January.

The Quadrantids New Year meteor shower

2019-12-31T10:33:11+00:0013 December 2019|

This meteor shower radiating from a forgotten constellation is one of the most prolific of the year but not as popular as other showers. This year the Moon is mostly out of the way so it could be a good one.

December 2019 meeting report

2019-12-10T17:49:11+00:0010 December 2019|

Prof. Colin Cunningham of Edinburgh University described the many engineering and scientific challenges associated with the building and future operation of the ELT.