June 2019 meeting report and information

2019-06-08T12:57:01+01:008 June 2019|

Along with our AGM, Professor Philip Best of the ROE gave a really interesting talk about Deep Radio Sky Surveys with the LOFAR array. Who knew radio telescopes might be supplied flat-packed by a well-know Swedish furniture company.

April 2019 meeting report

2019-04-06T17:30:45+01:005 April 2019|

Over 100 people again and a very interesting talk from Dr Alexander Mackinnon on CTR Wilson and cosmic rays, describing how this branch of high-energy astrophysics can be traced back to the Scottish highlands.

Young people are just amazed at the night sky

2019-04-30T09:36:53+01:0030 March 2019|

Here's an interesting article from our newest member, Fedra Antoniadou, currently studying physics at the University of Edinburgh. Fedra talks about how there really is an appetite for astronomy in our children.