Noctilucent Clouds

2023-06-03T12:30:40+01:0013 May 2023|

Ramsay McIver tells us about these beautiful, ethereal "night-shining clouds" as we approach NLC season towards the end of May.

Making a Breeze Block Telescope Pier

2022-05-21T10:23:12+01:007 April 2022|

Andrew Farrow describes how he built a simple breeze-block garden pier to stop having to carry his tripod and mount into the garden and going through the alignment process every time.

Observe the ever-changing Moon

2023-06-25T12:37:35+01:001 December 2021|

Surely the Moon is boring because nothing ever changes on it? Not at all - it changes its appearance daily. The angle of Sun hitting the surface varies and casts strange and beautiful shadows across its landscape.

Explore Auriga the Charioteer

2020-12-01T10:47:39+00:003 November 2020|

As winter approaches we look forward to seeing the likes of Orion, Gemini and Taurus, but in late autumn Auriga is worth a look and it's already getting high in the eastern sky.

Choosing a telescope

2020-11-07T12:18:01+00:0018 October 2020|

Mark Phillips gave us a talk on what to consider when choosing a telescope as well as examples of different types and options.

Get ready for Mars 2020

2020-10-18T17:07:00+01:0031 August 2020|

For most of the rest of 2020 Mars is going to be a prominent evening object and the best placed object to observe, so don't miss out on seeing it at this favourable apparition.

Observing and imaging meteors

2020-07-26T17:56:25+01:0026 July 2020|

You don’t need anything other than a little patience to observe meteors. Just lie back in a reclining chair if you can, saves a lot of neck pain, and look up.

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