We are involved in an outreach project with the Global Meteor Network (GMN), supplying free meteor camera kits to High Schools around the world. As part of our Centenary celebrations, we are giving kits away to Scottish High Schools who might not normally be able to get access to such things, for free.  We have 2 kits 1 kit remaining. If your school is interested, please get in touch.

Three have already been allocated: one provided by the GMN to Peebles High School, two others provided by us to Inverclyde Academy and Wick High School. We are aiming to give the final 1 away away to a school in Edinburgh and the Lothians (where we operate).

This is a really fun and interesting project, contributing to real meteor science, which feeds into work on the origin of our solar system, as well as helping to keep satellites and astronauts safe in orbit. Students will also learn about astronomy and meteor science, computer science, software and hardware (including a Raspberry Pi 4) and much more.

You can find out more in the project leaflet. Two of the basic requirements are that the Pi will need to connect to a Wifi network and also to be able to attach the meteor camera, in a fixed location on the outside of a building with a cable running inside to the Pi.

If this interests your school and you would like to be part of the project community building up with schools around the world, then we would love to hear from you.