We had a really interesting and challenging talk from Dr Indranil Banik of the University of St Andrews on Going beyond Einstein to understand the Universe. I think it’s fair to say that it is one of the more difficult and in-depth of our talks but we love being stretched and challenged.

Galaxies spin much faster than expected so our standard models add invisible dark matter to provide that extra gravity. However, this talk is about how just containing their visible mass and following a modified gravity law known as Milgromian dynamics or MOND is perhaps a better option. Decide for yourself!

Alan Pickup also gave us a very comprehensive talk on the Sky in December. And you can see Alan’s Sky Diary for December on our website.

I also presented the results of our Image of the Year Competition 2022 which was won by Ramsay McIver for his excellent Maasai Mara Milky Way Mosaic.