ASE member John Murrell gave us a fascinating insight into the Gaia second data release.

John provided us with the links to the videos & Animations plus the tools. He also included a few other links that people may find of interest and there is a lot of material on the web both about the mission and the results.

YouTube video link:

From John:

Links to the videos and animations in my talk

More information on the mission than I gave:

General Gaia Information including latest results

Bending of light by solar system planets scroll down to @Light Bending in the Solar System

There is also some information on the Gaia Scanning law I did not cover.

The two movies below are also on this page with a description

First Gaia General Video

Second Gaia Video

Variable Star colours in the Gaia HR Diagram (page has the animation embedded in it)

Parallax & Proper motion Animation

GaiaSky Documentation & download instructions


Aladin Sky Atlas


Gerry Gilmore’s RAS lecture on ‘Gaia the 6D Milky Way is coming to you’ (DR1)

YouTube ESA Gaia videos

Useful DR2 Guide

Gaia Alerts ( I spoke of these but they were not in the presentation)

All sorts of strange light curves in this list – includes micro-lensing, binary stars, YSO’s with evidence of periodicity, Super Novae, Etc