At our recent September meeting we announced that the Imaging Group would become the Imaging & Observing Group (IOG). This is not a change of focus but to more accurately reflect what we do and be as inclusive as possible.

The IOG is probably the most active part of the Society and as well as imaging we take about many other astronomical topics including observational techniques, equipment, software, clear sky forecasts and many other topics. We often enjoy live virtual observing events where members chat through WhatsApp while they are outside making observations and imaging. You can sometimes find yourself chatting to someone observing the Moon or a planet at 2am! We’ve also done a few EAA (Electronically Assisted Astronomy – quick imaging) live stream sessions using Zoom.

We want the group to be as inclusive as possible to allow all active amateurs to learn from each other as we have been doing through our imaging activities. So please join us for our monthly meetings and join our WhatsApp group by using the invitation link on the Members website. And if you’re not a member but would like to be part of this group then consider joining the Society to take part. It’s a fun place to be.

As lockdown eases we hope to be able to have some socially distanced physical observing sessions too, at Newbattle Abbey and other locations. So being part of the group communication can help you find out about these events, which will undoubtedly be arranged at the last minute to allow for the weather.

The page on our website has been updated to reflect the change to Imaging & Observing Group.