The first part of our lockdown season of talks came to end on Friday and what an amazing time we’ve had. Featuring practical, historical, entertaining and superb keynote talks. A huge thank you to all our speakers, especially our guest speakers, who were prepared to do online talks for us.

In numbers:

Online events since 3 April
Membership increased to
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Numbers are:

You can see most of the talks on our YouTube channel.

A lot of time and effort went into this so a special thanks to everyone involved:

  • Organising speakers
  • Preparing & delivering talks
  • Developing course content
  • Managing and coordinating the programme
  • Running online meetings
  • Email / Website / Facebook / Twitter / Eventbrite

From September…

  • Two main meetings per month – online still
  • Normally Fridays – but could be other days
  • Plus Imaging Group
  • Plus other ad hoc meetings arranged
  • More observing events – weather permitting

Talks included:


  • Using robotic telescopes
  • Several scope talks
  • ASE-24 scripts for Stellarium
  • Astro-navigation at sea
  • Imaging Groups
  • Monthly sky guides
  • Introduction to astro-imaging in 5 parts


  • Spaceship 1
  • Speed of light and other stellar effects
  • James Bradley
  • The Lundmark Panorama
  • Thomas Henderson
  • Reflections on spaceflight


  • Ramblings of an astro-n*ut
  • Concrete galoshes
  • Virtual pub quiz

Keynote talks:

  • Longitude and clocks
  • Neutrinos and particle physics
  • Ariel and ExoClock
  • Hunting Outbursting Young Stars
  • Exploring Alien Atmospheres
  • BioRock: wee miners in space
  • Things that go BANG in the night
  • Is Earth special?
  • Parker Solar Probe