We had fascinating and challenging talk from Prof. Franz Muheim on Neutrinos in particle physics and astronomy at our meeting last night.

You can watch the video from the event on our YouTube channel.

Also at our meeting:

  • Andrew welcomed 5 new members bringing our membership to 112
  • Horst told us about the sky in May
  • Andrew informed us of upcoming online meetings (see our event calendar for more details)
  1. ROE Monday 4th May 2020 7:00pm
    Helping Scotland Launch to Space!
    (Matjaz Vidmar and Karina Wardak)
  2. Wed 6 May 7:30pm Imaging Group
    All ASE members welcome
  3. Fri 8 May 7:30pm
    Tosh White – Ramblings of an Astron*ut
  4. Wed 13 May 7:30pm
    Jim Nisbet – Personal reflections on Manned Spaceflight
  5. Fri 15 May 7:30pm
    Dr Dirk Froebrich (University of Kent)
    Hunting Outbursting Young Stars intro & update