We are very privileged to own some beautiful artworks by one of our former Vice Presidents and benefactor, the artist John Henry Lorimer.

Just  a little more from the archives… While re-organising some of the historical pages on our website, I found that a bust of John Henry Lorimer and two of his paintings still belong to the Astronomical Society of Edinburgh. All are on loan to Kellie Castle, one of his family homes, and can be seen there. You can also see these two paintings as well as more of his work on the Art UK website.

Bust of John Henry Lorimer
Sunlight in the South Room, Kellie
The Long Shadows

Lorimer also left a substantial bequest to the Society which still helps support us to this day. The Society awards the Lorimer Medal using some of the bequest in his honour to people who have made notable contributions to popular astronomy. The first was awarded to Sir James Jeans in 1938 and the most recent to Ron Livesey this year. Others include famous TV astronomer Sir Patrick Moore and current members Dave Gavine and Alan Pickup.

LORIMER LECTURE: Consideration was given to the arrangements for a Lorimer Lecture. It was unanimously resolved to approve the recommendation that the Lorimer Medal should be awarded to Mr Patrick Moore, and it was agreed that his Lecture should be given on 2nd November. After discussion it was resolved that the lecture should take place in Leith Town Hall.

Council Meeting Minutes 12 July 1962

I discovered that the medal awarded to Sir Harold Spencer Jones in 1953 is part of the collections at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich (although they incorrectly state the date of award as 1955 – I have sent a correction).

Just a little more from our fascinating heritage.

Wikipedia entry on John Henry Lorimer

Painting photo credit: National Trust for Scotland, Kellie Castle & Garden
Mark Phillips