Thank you to Matjaz Vidmar from the Royal Observatory Edinburgh for a very interesting and informative talk. I don’t think many of us knew just how advanced the Scottish space industry is.

ASE November 2019 slidesAlso at the meeting:

  • President Andrew Farrow welcomed 1 new member to the Society.
  • An update on subscriptions (due on the 1 October) which will increase from 1 Jan 2020.
  • Alan Pickup presented the Sky in November.
  • We have more of our 4-Steps to the Stars programme events planned. Another Telescope Help Shop will be held in February 2020 – probably 29 Feb.
  • Mark Phillips updated us on progress with the Cooke telescope.
  • We hope to show the transit of Mercury through our solar scopes on Calton Hill on 11 November, weather permitting.
  • Peter Black gave an update on the Imaging Group, which had a record turnout last month.
  • Another visit to the University of St Andrews Observatory is planned, sometime in 2020 now.
  • Jim Nisbet had recommended a couple of exhibitions in London:
  • Andrew gave on overview of topics that had caught his attention in astronomy and space.
  • After the main meeting was over, we held an SGM to approve a change to the Constitution concerning people joining the Society. This was passed by a majority.