Ten members of the society hosted our exhibition during the Airshow at East Fortune on the 27th July. We had quite a lot of interest and many people came to visit us.

We were in a building near the army’s tank and visitors could look through two scopes. Unfortunately, due to the bad weather, the targets were a Vulcan plane, a flying saucer (an indoor light fitting) and Tosh holding the Moon, instead of the Sun!

Some new posters helped tell the story of the solar system and other astronomical features. Our usual handouts were joined by a leaflet on our 4-Steps to the Stars educational programme. There was a lot of interest in the ASE from quite a number of people who had searched us out, location clearly marked on the Air Show programme. A tannoy announcement of our presence also help with our publicity.

It was a long day with members arriving from 7.30am and not departing until 5.30pm, but everyone thought it was all very worthwhile. Sadly the weather prevented much of the flying programme taking place but at least, for some, we provided an alternative diversion.

The Society would like to acknowledge the support of the Museum of Flight staff at East Fortune who helped us put on a successful exhibition.

Andrew Farrow