Along with our AGM, Professor Philip Best of the ROE gave a really interesting talk about Deep Radio Sky Surveys with the LOFAR array. Who knew radio telescopes might be supplied flat-packed by a well-know Swedish furniture company?

Download the ASE presentation as a PDF

Also at out meeting:

  • President Andrew Farrow welcomed 2 new members, bringing our membership up to 98
  • Horst gave on overview of the sky in June
  • Andrew introduced some interesting free online astronomy courses from the Open University
  • Jim Anderson has been fixing the Cooke telescope drive and apart from power to the motor, the telescope should be in working order now.
  • The ASE will have a stand at Scotland’s National Airshow at East Fortune 27th July and we would like members to volunteer to be there. Please get in touch if you can.
  • The Piazzi Smyth Symposium will take place in September and this is free to ASE members.
  • Mark Phillips introduced the new Members area of the website. All paid-up members of the Society should register for an account. An email has been sent to all members about this.
  • Various telescopes were offered for sale.
  • Andrew gave an overview of news items in the astronomy and space world that had caught his attention.

Following the normal parts of the meeting, we had our AGM. Minutes to follow.