We had over 100 people again and a very interesting talk from Dr Alexander Mackinnon of the University of Glasgow on CTR Wilson and cosmic rays, describing how this branch of high-energy astrophysics can be traced back to the Scottish highlands.

Also at the meeting:

  • President Andrew Farrow welcomed 8 new members to the Society
  • Horst Myerdierks gave an overview of the what’s in the sky for April
  • Peter Black gave an update on the Charles Piazzi Smyth exhibition and 200th anniversary celebrations
  • Andrew described the visit to the St Andrews Observatory by some members
  • He also covered the auctioning of the Lorimer Chairs left to the Society by John Henry Lorimer – which no longer had a home. These have now been sold.
  • Andrew talked about some recent news in the fields of astronomy and space
  • Ken Thomas talked about the past and future of the Cooke telescope on Calton Hill
  • The Charles Piazzi Smyth video was shown at the end. You can find it on the homepage of the Piazzi Smyth website
  • The April Imaging Group meeting has been cancelled as quite a few of the members can’t make it