We had a very successful Telescope Help Shop yesterday with 15 people coming along to learn how to get the best out of their telescopes.

10 members of the Society helped out by showing them how to use their telescopes, advice on how to setup and align their mounts and find objects in the sky. We were fortunate to have clear skies and could observe the crescent Moon and put it all into practice. The hall we used at St Thomas’s Church in Costorphine had access to a convenient grassy area just outside so it was very useful.  Feedback so far is very positive and the helpers certainly enjoyed being involved. Always nice to share our passion for astronomy!

There were also a few short talks:

  • Basic setup and alignment techniques
  • Eyepieces – how they work, which to use and how to choose them
  • Observer’s checklist
  • The launch of the ASE-24, our Observing List for Beginners developed specially for this event

This was our first such event and given the success we hope to run it again in the future. We have a waiting list at the moment so if you would like to be added please get in touch.