We had a very engaging and colourful meeting this month, with Dr Aleks Scholz from the University of St Andrews telling us about Making Stars and Planets: the HOYS-CAPS Citizen Science Project.

This is a project where amateurs can make a real contribution – in fact without them this project may not even function. So consider taking part in it if you are an astro-imager. The project relies on as many observers as possible around the world imaging specific objects in the sky, to avoid bad weather interfering with continuous monitoring. More details on the HOYS-CAPS project page.

Also at the meeting:

  • President Andrew Farrow welcomed 5 new members this month
  • Horst Myerdierks gave an overview of what’s in our sky in December
  • Secretary Sean Wixted gave his update (see below)
  • Andrew Farrow covered various current topics in the world of astronomy and space
  • Andrew gave an overview of the Charles Piazzi Smyth 200th anniversary celebrations that we will be getting involved with, including providing some funding
  • Andrew also covered the re-opening of the Calton Hill observatory and opportunities for the Society
  • Tosh White and David Small gave short presentations on a new observatory build and a strange lighting effect at sunset

Secretary’s Update

Curious Kats Adventure Club offering a 4 day trip to Baikonur in in Kazakhstan from Tue 2 April 2019 for an exciting and educational trip to the world’s largest space launch facility. For £2000 per person as an early bird fee.

Highlights include:

We’ll witness the roll-out of the spacecraft, A unique view of the launch of the rocket itself, Sightseeing in Baikonur city, Visit Baikonur cosmodrome museum and the international space school, A cosmodrome tour, visiting the facilities and tools that were used for space exploration in the past, A trip to the Buran spacecraft, Visiting the houses of Yuri Gagarin & Sergei Korolev

Invitation to the Astronomical Society of Glasgow public lecture

Next public lecture which takes place on Thursday 20th December, when Prof John Brown, Astronomer Royal for Scotland, Astronomy and Astrophysics Group, University of Glasgow, will be presenting “Black Holes, Black Magic and Interstellar Travel: How General Relativity Could Help Santa Span the Galaxy”.
Room RC667 of the Royal College, University of Strathclyde at 7.30 pm. The room can be found by entering via the James Weir Building on Montrose Street.
It would be helpful if you could let me know how many of your members intend to come along. If possible, can you please do this by 9 December.

Telescope Help Shop

9 February 2019 3-6pm, St Thomas’s Church, Gyle Hall, Costorphine, ALL tickets allocated
Setting up new telescopes, Beginner observing list, Need telescope experienced volunteers to help

Charles Piazzi Smyth 200th Anniversary

Prof. Andy Lawrence is leading a series of projects which we have agreed to support

Piazzi-Smyth Symposium in Edinburgh
Two and a half days on topics relating to his work and legacy

Exhibition at the Nelson Monument
opening in April as part of Science festival but remaining open
video, stereographic displays
historical story and science behind his achievements

2016 screening of “Un Lugar Sobre Las Nubes”
documents 1856 expedition to Tenerife
panel discussion on scientific issues raised

Sound and Light: Time gun and the Moon
collaborative science project for public and local schools
measuring speed of sound and distance to the moon
recreate Time Gun map
use of lunar laser ranging dataset (Apollo 11 anniversary)

Public Talks Highland and Island Tour
Six public talks planned on legacy of CPS
Four in Edinburgh
Caithness, Galloway, Lewis and Highland region

ROE Archive and publicity project
Conserving, cataloguing and digitising CPS Archives
for public use and enjoyment

The society has agreed to support this with a grant of £4000
Peter Black will lead our involvement particularly around the exhibition
Interested members will not pay registration fee to Symposium
ASE credited as sponsor on documentation, film and other material
ASE will keep CPS Exhibition film for future use.