It’s almost that time of year again and we’ve been asked for more Gift Memberships recently. Here’s what to do if you want to buy one for someone.

Maybe it’s for a friend or family member who’s always been interested in astronomy but never done anything about it. This may be just the little push they need to take that step.

You can find all the details on our Membership page.

The process is:

  • get in touch to request a Gift Membership
  • we will pass on payment details
  • once payment has been received we will issue a Gift Certificate via email
  • you can print that out and pass on as a gift
  • the receiver should then fill out the membership form (see Membership page)
  • they can present the certificate to the Treasurer or other Council member at one of our monthly meetings

All memberships are subject to accepting the Society’s Constitution (and being elected by the Council and membership).

Here are some of the benefits of membership:

  • attend all meetings of the Society as well as the ordinary meetings
  • be part of the Imaging Group and attend their meetings
  • vote at the AGM and any Special Meetings that may be called
  • take part in events organised by the society
  • make short members presentations at ordinary meetings if desired
  • be involved in any group observing sessions that may be organised
  • get help and support from experienced amateur and professional astronomers
  • access the member only area of the website
  • borrow Society equipment when available (there’s usually something available)
  • access the Society library of books
  • apply to become a Council member after 1 year of membership

We are a Society that is run by its members for its members, so this is not the same as a gift company would provide. Being a member allows you take part in whatever is going on and contribute to the Society.