Dr Alan Penny of the University of St Andrews struggled through illness to give a talk on METI: Messaging to Extraterretrial Intelligence at our November 2018 meeting.

Also at the meeting:

  • President Andrew Farrow welcomed 3 new members
  • Horst Myerdierks gave his guide to Scotland’s sky in November
  • Sean gave his Secretary’s update (see below)
  • Andrew Farrow gave his overview of news in the Astronomy and Space world
  • Hugh Somerville gave a presentation on various space-related topics

Our next meeting is on 7 December with a talk on “Hunting outbursting young star” by Dr Aleks Scholz of the University of St Andrews.

Secretary’s Update

  • Collective Gallery opening to the public Sat 24 November 2018 10:00 am
  • One of our members Alistair Thomson has sadly passed away. Any members who knew him are invited to attend his funeral.
  • We have been notified of the publication Occasional Notes by RA Marriott. Members are invited to subscribe and also submit articles.
  • Astro Publishing have a Free Astronomy Magazine
    https://www.astropublishing.com/   https://www.facebook.com/astropublishing/
  • Subscriptions were due on 1 October. Membership will lapse if not received by end Jan 2019
  • Our membership currently stands at 90
  • We have created a Buyer’s Guide on which telescope to buy for Christmas which will tie in with our Telescope Help Shop in February and a beginner observing list that is being prepared.