It’s good to see the ASE Journal again! There is a saying in German: “trust no one over thirty”; perhaps that is why the Journal took a break in 2010. Dave Gavine started the Journal in August 1980, and there is a full account in my 2008 article [1].

Journal 3, October 1981

Journal 3, October 1981

As you can see, in the early days, the best images were the ones you drew yourself. There were hardly any computers and no laser printers in 1980; photocopiers were no good for half tone images and colour copiers were the stuff dreams were made of.

The Journal came to a pause in 2010, in reality, because I was drafted in as Secretary. Discontinuing the Journal allowed me the time required for the new tasks.

The Journal has been online since 1998, and the older issues were digitised in 2008. Find them all at [2]. However, making a good online copy and a good paper copy is quite a challenge. Now that people have multi-core, GHz computers in their pocket at all times, perhaps we can get away without a paper copy!


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Horst Meyerdierks