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              for the Year  ended 31 December 1993

                        to 31 March 1994

     President          Dr John Reid  MB ChB FRCR

     Vice-Presidents    Mr Ray Fenoulhet
                        Mr D. Alan Pickup  BEng FRAS

     Secretary          Mr Peter D. Macdonald

     Treasurer          Mr Jim Nisbet  BSc

     Councillors        Mrs May Fenoulhet  BA MLitt
                        Mr A.R.H. Marks
                        Mr Robert Randall
                        Mr Graham Rule  BA FRAS
                        Dr John Rostron  BSc
                        Mr Gerry Taylor  BSc

The following lectures were given to the Society in 1993:

January   "Advances in Astronomical Computing"
          Mr Roger Stapleton (St Andrews University)

February  "William Lassell 1799-1880, Practitioner, Patron and
          Grand Amateur of Victorian Astronomy"
          Dr Alan Chapman (Oxford University)

March     Annual General Meeting; "Astronomy with FLAIR"
          Dr Fred Watson (Royal Observatory, Edinburgh)

April     "Journey to Orion" - Mr Gerry Taylor (ASE)

May       Quiz Night - ASE v ROE followed by Cheese & Wine

June      "Contributions of Space Art" - Dr Ken McKay (SAS)

July      "James Stewart McKenzie & his friends"
          Dr Dave Gavine (ASE)

August    "From Thermometers to Spectrometers"
          Miss Suzanne Ramsay (ROE / Ed. Univ.)

September Members' Night - 5 speakers (ASE)

October   "All you need to know about the Universe"
          Prof Alec Boksenberg FRS SERC, Director Observatories

November  "The Asymmetric Universe"
          Dr Alan Heavens (Edin. Univ. Astronomy Dept.)

December  "Dusty Disks and Planets"
          Dr Ray Wolstencroft (ROE, retd.)


(1)  Presentation of the Lorimer Medal

The Society was happy to receive the nomination of Mr Nora
Jenkinson of the Haddington AS as the next recipient of the Lorimer
Medal and the award was made to her by our President Dr John
Reid at a party in her home in May 1993. Several members of the
ASE were also in attendance on this occasion.

(2)  Honorary Membership

Following the award of the Lorimer Medal, the Society was happy
to receive Mrs Jenkinson as an honorary member of the ASE.

(3)  Prof Alec Boksenberg

In September, the ASE was fortunate enough to enlist the Professor
as our guest speaker. This meeting was particularly well
attended (approx. 70) and the evening was thoroughly enjoyed by
the enthralled audience.

(4)  Quiz Night and Cheese & Wine

The May meeting was the venue of a quiz between teams from the
ROE (Capt., Dr Ray Wolstencroft) and the ASE (Capt., Dr John
Reid). The home team (ASE) were the winners (for the second
time) and the evening ended with a Cheese & Wine party - all who
attended found the event to be entertaining and enjoyable and it
is hoped that this will become and Annual event.

(5)  The Observing Group

There has been little to report in this area, largely due to bad
weather, however, Graham Rule has made some use of the 6" Cooke
on several occasions throughout the year.

(6)  Hogmanay Celebrations and Edinburgh Festival

The Observatory was used for the fireworks display which was part
of the Hogmanay Festival of Fire and was also used by visiting
groups taking part in the Edinburgh International Festival.
These uses/activities were approved by the EDC and LRC.

(7)  Mr Ian Cunningham (deceased)

During the course of the year, the Society was informed of the
death of one of its long-standing members, Mr Ian Cunningham of
Blinkbonny. The Society sends its sympathies to Mr Cunningham's

Peter D. Macdonald
Secretary - February 1994


Statement of Income and Expenditure for the Year to 31 December 1993



Brought forward
   Cash on hand                 1       0.00
   Bank Balances                      682.36     682.36

Subscriptions                                    829.00

   Edinburgh District Council   2     250.00
   Society's Trustees               1,000.00   1,250.00

   Bank Deposits                       14.02
   O'Neill Bequest                     92.12
   Gall-Inglis Bequest                 72.66     178.80

Electricity Reimbursement
   Stereodome                                    250.00

Donations                                        101.73

Sale of Journal                                    0.20



For the Society               Notes

Lectures and Meetings
   Lecturers' Expenses                112.60
   Hospitality                        138.37
   Cheese and Wine              3      36.23     287.20

Printing and Duplicating                          92.90

   Secretary                          100.00
   Treasurer                          100.00     200.00

Telephone                                         94.06

Library                         4                 25.62

Insurance                       5                  0.00

Junior Astronomical Society Subscriptions         10.00

Gift                            6                 35.00

Lorimer Medal                                     66.35

   Secretary                          110.62
   Treasurer                           18.01     128.63

TOTAL FOR THE SOCIETY                            939.76

For the Observatory

   Director                           350.00
   Assistant Director                 175.00
   Secretary                          100.00
   Treasurer                          100.00     725.00

Gas                                               77.90

Electricity                                      468.89

Cleaning                                         180.00

Library                         4                 25.62

Insurance                       5                  0.00

   Director                             0.00
   Treasurer                           18.02      18.02

TOTAL FOR THE OBSERVATORY                      1,495.43


For Society                           939.76
For Observatory                     1,495.43   2,435.19


Bank Balances                                    856.90


INVESTMENTS                                         Value at 31 December 1993

Gall-Inglis Bequest

    570      12 3/4 % Treasury Stock 1995 (cost £497.15)       647.66

O'Neill Bequest

    658.13   14 % Treasury Stock 1996 (cost £600.00)           771.25
  1,000      National Savings Dept Investment Account        1,382.08
                                (Interest 1993 - £81.25)



  1  As noted in last year's statement of income and expenditure, this item
     has been discontinued.
  2  This represents a payment to re-imburse Society costs during the 1992/93
     winter. The Society's application to the Council for assistance with
     running costs for 1993 was rejected.
  3  This was the cost to the Society after deduction of contributions from
  4  These items include half the cost of journals.
  5  The Society has changed its insurers and payments will be paid monthly
     by direct debit in future. Although the policy came into operation in
     November, no payments had been debited by 31 December 1993.
  6  The Council felt it would be appropriate to purchase a gift for
     Professor Boksenberg, who lectured to the Society in October and did
     not seek expenses from us.